Episode Summary

iland Cloud Technologist Brian Knudtson is joined by guests Mike Mosley, Cory Snyder, Tom Ferron, and Rose Tovar, with a special appearance by iland CTO Justin Giardina to give the audience an idea of what a cloud provider can do to provide all of this season’s attributes. You’ll discover that the cloud does not bite when you have good people involved.


Mike Mosley
Cloud Architect, iland


Cory Snyder
Sr Staff Software Engineer, iland


Tom Ferron
Project Manager, iland


Rose Tovar
Service Desk Manager, iland


Justin Giardina
CTO, iland


Cloud Conversations

Topic 1: [03:02] Data availability and security are paramount concerns for most organizations, so ensuring our cloud infrastructure is Reliable, the customer data is Resilient, and it is all properly Secure is core to iland’s products. Mike, you’re involved in designing and building our underlying platform, so can you give a quick overview of how iland achieves these goals?

Topic 2: [07:47] A customer’s first requirement is usually to ensure the system is Capable of the functionality they require and Compliant with the regulations they must abide by. But if the solution doesn’t provide an Accessible interface to them, it won’t be a good fit. That’s a lot to unpack all together, but Cory, since you are a part of our team that develops our console and ensures its proper operation, can you give everyone a quick view into how iland builds our features and the console and API that customers ultimately interface with?

Topic 3: [12:54] Customers move to the cloud to be able to do more than they can on-premises, but often still have to interoperate with an on-premises infrastructure. Tom, you help onboard customers into iland’s environment, what meaningful advantages do customers find with regards to how we help them be more Flexible in the cloud and Compatible with their existing infrastructure?

Topic 4: [17:04] Cloud introduces a unique opportunity for many companies to take their business Global, but keeping it all Connected and Supported can be a big challenge, at any scale. Rose, you and your team are focused on directly helping our customers. Can you talk a bit about how iland manages our global infrastructure, keeps customers connected to it, and helps them out on both good and bad days?

Topic 5: [24:16] Can you share with us how the company got here, both from the build-up of the platform and the values that drove it?

Topic 6: [27:33] What technologies and customer requirements do you see being big drivers going forward, both for our products and for customer adoption of the cloud in general?

Topic 7: [30:19] Of those 11 attributes of the cloud, which most excite you for what we offer today and what we’ll be doing in the future?

Cloud Bites

[09:09] “We spend most of our time and energy thinking about how we can make it easier for our customers to understand what’s going on in their cloud.” – Cory Snyder

[11:41] “Literally everything is integrated into the console.” – Mike Mosley

[14:18] “As we all went into quarantine, a lot of our customers had to rapidly accelerate their transition into the cloud.” – Tom Ferron

[16:45] “If we don’t get the on-boarding piece right, they’re not going to be able to use what we’ve created successfully.” – Cory Snyder

[19:28] “Our engineers are technical, patient, persistent – customers love that. They love to feel that the person on the other end of the phone they can trust.” – Rose Tovar

[19:58] “We’re always working with all the cross-functional teams for the best outcomes for the customer.” – Rose Tovar

[20:24] “Our support team does a great job of just almost walking into the unknown when they pick up that phone – they don’t know what that issue’s going to be.” – Tom Ferron

[21:09] “We’re proud of what we work with and what we have going here.” – Mike Mosley

[25:35] “What we found was that our customers really wanted to have an enterprise-grade feature set.” – Justin Giardina

[26:50] “It’s all about being nimble.” – Justin Giardina

[31:51] “Having the customer actually be able to consume something worthwhile to them, that fits their needs.” – Justin Giardina

“We spend most of our time and energy thinking about how we can make it easier for our customers to understand what’s going on in their cloud.”


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iland Success Center

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