Episode Summary

11:11 Systems Director of Cloud Market Intelligence Brian Knudtson is joined by guests Bill Gardner, Zoë Rose, and Ryan Laverdiere for a conversation about how humans participate in cybersecurity. They discuss how to prepare employees and the importance of experienced professionals. Criminals want the easy in, so it’s critical that everyone be prepared.


Bill Gardner

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Zoë Rose

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Ryan Laverdiere

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Cloud Conversations

Topic 1

[03:04] What can be done to prevent users from becoming a threat vector and contain the breach when it does occur?

Topic 2

[11:33] Has the lack of qualified security personnel contributed to the rise in cybersecurity incidents?

Topic 3

[24:37] What advice do you have for System Administrators what they need to do to create a good security posture?

Cloud Bites

[01:48] “Cybersecurity is our shared responsibility, and each of us has a role to play.”  — Ryan Laverdiere 

[05:16] “Zero trust is a framework. It’s not a product.” — Bill Gardner 

[08:42] “Attackers don’t want to do all of that fancy, fancy stuff to get in. They want to get in the easiest way and then do something right.” — Zoë Rose

[11:42] “the cost of having a robust security team is very challenging, especially for small to medium sized organizations.” — Zoë Rose

[16:34] “we want security to be a proactive thing because when we’re reactive, that’s when we run into trouble.” — Ryan Laverdiere

[18:10] “But generally we suck training cybersecurity professionals, we being education, especially colleges and universities.” — Bill Gardner

[25:06] “Because a lot of times the items that you or your team need to work on are probably technical controls, as an I.T. department, and you can implement fairly quickly in those fairly quickly items, improve your posture quickly and gives you a good base that it builds from.” — Ryan Laverdiere

[30:41] “education for the users is important, but also the education for senior leadership” — Zoë Rose

“Cybersecurity is our shared responsibility, and each of us has a role to play.”


Episode Asset

Safeguarding your Business in the Digital Age

How to improve the security posture of your business

Organizations are facing increasing threats from cybercrime, and it’s only getting worse as criminals get more sophisticated and data increases exponentially. In fact, there has been a 300% increase in reported cybercrimes in just the last two years alone.

When you consider that hackers only have to succeed once to spell disaster for your entire enterprise, it’s more important than ever to put a solid, multi-layered security strategy into place to protect your organization.

But where do you start? Hiring an experienced cybersecurity team is expensive at best, and impossible at worst. In this white paper, we look at the increased threats, the cost of cybercrime, and what you can do to protect your business without putting stress on your bottom line.