Episode Summary

11:11 Systems Director of Cloud Market Intelligence Brian Knudtson is joined by guests Tom Hollingsworth, Leon Adato, and Mike Spanbauer for a conversation about a new generation of thinking about security. Many of the same tools still apply, as things like firewalls and micro-segmentation are relevant but may be used in different ways. In the end it comes down to good monitoring and observability to make sure our defenses are performing as expected.


Tom Hollingsworth

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Leon Adato

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Mike Spanbauer

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Cloud Conversations

Topic 1

[03:30] Are firewalls still relevant to the cloud?

Topic 2

[16:10] Concepts of micro-segmented networks still apply, implementation may be different or more challenging

Topic 3

[28:40] Monitor and react quickly

Cloud Bites

[04:20] “You have to protect workloads where they live.”  — Tom Hollingsworth 

[08:00] “Define the policies well and the systems take care of themselves.” — Tom Hollingsworth 

[09:17] “The network and the security controls must work together” — Mike Spanbauer

[14:40] “Mainframe hasn’t died yet but not for lack of trying.” — Leon Adato

[18:40] “Security requires a level of diligence higher than we in IT have previously had to deal with.” — Leon Adato

[19:06] “the only way you can ever know if things are operating the way you think they are or that they’re not or there’s room for improvement is by collecting information about what they’re doing right now” — Leon Adato

[23:52] “The concept of monitoring is absolutely core to security” — Mike Spanbauer

[30:28] “We live in the real world and we’ll never be able to exhaust possible scenarios that could happen” — Mike Spanbauer

[35:20] “You cannot trust the systems. You have to test them.” — Tom Hollingsworth

[37:14] “The human factor is what makes security the most challenging discipline that any organization must wrestle in the cloud.” — Mike Spanbauer 

“The concept of monitoring is absolutely core to security”


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