Episode Summary

11:11 Systems Director of Cloud Market Intelligence Brian Knudtson is joined by guests Matt Vogt, Justin Warren, and Jim Czuprynski for a conversation about the most important element in IT: the data. They discuss what businesses should do to protect their data and the people, process, and technology functions it takes. Data security needs to cover everything from protecting emailed spreadsheets to database security.


Justin Warren

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Jim Czuprynski

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Matt Vogt

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Cloud Conversations

Topic 1

[03:41] Can you give us a quick primer on what data encryption is generally available in the cloud and what they can accomplish for securing data?

Topic 2

[10:34] Planning has always been key to success for on-premises and cloud projects alike. However, have you witnessed any nuances that make you think the planning process for the cloud should be different? Or do you approach it the same way you always have?

Topic 3

[21:24] Can you introduce us to how data loss prevention as a concept fits in with the larger field of data security?

Cloud Bites

[06:20] “You might actually have multiple layers of encryption, even just at rest. And so figuring out what to do, where and when and why actually is a big challenge.”  — Matt Vogt 

[07:26] “It’s really all about who has the keys and who has access to unlock the different buckets, to go and look inside them to see what’s there.” — Justin Warren 

[11:35] “Absolutely the first thing we should do is encrypt and make sure we hold on to the keys.” — Jim Czuprynski

[13:20] “What it comes down to is you have to guard the data and then more importantly, you’ve got to guard the guards” — Jim Czuprynski

[14:22] “It’s really important to understand why. Why are we collecting this data? Data is not Pokemon. You don’t have to collect it all.” — Justin Warren

[16:46] “Taking what they have today and migrating it to on prem isn’t just a lift and shift of data. You also have to think about the migration of access control.” — Matt Vogt

[21:23] “[DLP is] essentially a people process and technology.” — Matt Vogt

[23:18] “If your system requires humans to be perfect in order for it to operate safely, then your system is broken.” — Justin Warren

[23:45] “A lot of our effort, particularly in security stuff, is designed around making it difficult to do the wrong thing. We don’t spend enough time making it easy to do the right thing. I think…easy and fun to do it the way that is the best or that.” — Justin Warren

[26:23] “It’s not just that data can be sensitive. It’s how sensitive is it? How many people have access to it and what is the risk if more people get access to it?” — Matt Vogt 

[30:08] “We need to be building systems where it is easy to use them securely” — Justin Warren

[31:46] “Now we’ve got to think about securing those environments. But…it’s got to be easy because they have jobs to do and their job isn’t securing data. The job is working with data, sending data, sharing data.” — Matt Vogt

[34:11] “The most important thing for people to take away, which is really just making sure you understand the data that you have and understanding how it could be used.” — Brian Knudtson

[36:41] “Minimize the right risks, incentivize the right behaviors, and build systems that will prevent humans from making mistakes that humans will tend to do.” — Brian Knudtson

“It’s not just that data can be sensitive. It’s how sensitive is it? How many people have access to it and what is the risk if more people get access to it?”


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