Episode Summary

iland Cloud Technologist Brian Knudtson is joined by guests Chris Williams, Cato Grace, and Ben Clayton for another CloudBytes conversation on cloud reliability. They discuss how customers build on top of the cloud to account for the reliability or lack thereof of a given platform. FYI: Make sure you’re reading the fine print behind those “100 percent SLAs.”  


Chris Williams
Multi-Cloud Consultant, World Wide Technology

Cato Grace
Senior Technical Marketing Architect, VMware

Ben Clayton
Director Dev Ops, Company Kitchen

Cloud Conversations

Topic 1

[02:02] Are customers moving to the cloud only looking at the number of nines or are there other metrics they should be considering? 

Topic 2

[07:18] What is the differences between how reliability can be created at the application vs. VM level and how customers should approach each within their architecture?

Topic 3

[14:52] There are cloud providers who claim to have a 100 percent SLA. What does this really mean and should customers trust these providers?

Cloud Bites

[02:46] “Depending on your stance in the cloud — if you’re the provider, if you’re the customer or the customer’s customer, your SLA mileage can vary.” – Chris Williams 

[04:01] “I think a lot of people hear the buzzwords. They hear that the cloud is the future, so they don’t pay enough attention to what they’re putting in the cloud, how they’re architecting it, and what their responsibility is for making sure it’s a useful tool.” – Ben Clayton

[13:33] “The future of availability is definitely more at the application level. But as with most things, it’s going to take a long time to get there. Who knows if we ever get all the way there.” – Cato Grace 

[14:34 ] “If you design a poorly written app, or you architect it the wrong way, it doesn’t really matter how reliable your infrastructure is on the backend. It’s only as good as the architecture behind it.” – Ben Clayton 

[15:10] “I would definitely be leery of anyone that claims 100 percent uptime. Sooner or later something is going to fail.” – Ben Clayton 

[16:02] “I think the idea that anybody would say they’re never going to have downtime — that’s begging for trouble.” – Cato Grace  

[19:52] “There’s no point in having a DR plan that you never test.” – Cato Grace 

[20:13] “When it comes down to it, the cloud is just a toolbox to get you to the solution, it’s not really the solution. Too many people think it’s just the answer to everything.” – Ben Clayton

“I think the idea that anybody would say they’re never going to have downtime — that’s begging for trouble.”


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