Episode Summary

iland Cloud Technologist Brian Knudtson is joined by guests Vic Camacho, Justin Warren, and Milou Lammers for a conversation about how cloud providers can help their customers become more compliant. They talk about the difference between security and compliance and how the latter means playing by the rules.


Vic Camacho
Principal Technologist, Cohesity

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Justin Warren
Chief Analyst and Managing Director, PivotNine

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Milou Lammers
Compliance Manager, iland

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Cloud Conversations

Topic 1

[02:17] Let’s start with explaining how compliance differs from security?

Topic 2

[09:09] Cloud providers, based on their business model, naturally have to deal with many different compliance regulations. What are some of the ways that cloud providers are using this experience to benefit their customers?

Topic 3

[18:37] Compliance is not easy and can be a fairly serious skills gap for smaller customers. How can cloud providers help?

Cloud Bites

[02:45] “Security and compliance, they go hand-in-hand. But they are two different things.” – Vic Camacho

[04:53] “Compliance is about adhering to rules. Rules are just ways that societies agree about what’s important to them.” – Justin Warren

[05:01] “We have a lot more interest in security compliance these days, because a whole bunch of people have decided that actually security’s quite important. We probably weren’t taking it as seriously as we should have.” – Justin Warren

[05:57] “It’s somewhat of a knee-jerk reaction to what’s happened. And had certain simple checks and balances had been put in place, a lot of those could’ve been avoided.” – Vic Camacho

[08:47] “You don’t have to wait for the rules, either. You’re allowed to do it well right now.” – Justin Warren

[11:09] “If you have a good idea about what the right intent is here, then compliance is actually fairly easy, it’s quite a straight-forward process.” – Justin Warren

[13:06] “It’s easier for us to be able to implement to the highest standards as opposed to customizing it for each individual region.” – Milou Lammers

[17:48] “What’s great about [GDPR] is it did actually make the business case for compliance a lot easier to sell to management. Those steep fines in the GDPR really helped sell why we needed to make these changes, and how quickly.” – Milou Lammers

[20:16] “If your cloud provider can manage that for you, and do it well, and audit it, and prove that they’re doing it right, that is a huge relief for any organization.” – Milou Lammers

[25:48] “If we don’t know what’s out there, or what kind of data is out there – because you can’t protect what you don’t know – and so that becomes another challenge.” – Vic Camacho

“Compliance is about adhering to rules. Rules are just ways that societies agree about what’s important to them.”


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