Episode Summary

iland Cloud Technologist Brian Knudtson is joined by guests Enrico Signoretti, Stu Miniman, and Gina Rosenthal for another CloudBytes conversation on cloud capabilities. With a constantly in-flux cloud landscape, they discuss the different capabilities of different clouds and how customers can evaluate and integrate them. The times they are a-changin’.


Enrico Signoretti
Independent IT Analyst, GigaOm Research

Stu Miniman
Analyst, Wikibon
Host, theCUBE

Gina Rosenthal
Founder, Digital Sunshine Solutions

Cloud Conversations

Topic 1

[04:30] IT has generally been about “speeds and feeds” for many years, but seems to be slowly changing towards outcomes and experience. Where do we stand on this spectrum today when customers are evaluating cloud solutions?

Topic 2

[13:42] What capabilities are customers really looking for? Which are simple “checkbox” items and which are truly differentiating across today’s cloud providers?

Topic 3

[25:27] The variety of different capabilities are heading us towards a multi-cloud reality, not unlike what we see when implementing “best of breed” infrastructure components on-premises. How are customers evaluating vendors that offer a wide variety of capabilities versus vendors with a singular “best of breed” focus?

Cloud Bites

[01:11] “Customers are much more mature than a few years ago.” – Enrico Signoretti 

[03:27] “The digital transformation that we’ve marketed to people for years is finally here.” – Gina Rosenthal

[07:56] “The old trope we used to say is: If you can make something faster, better, or cheaper that was good. Today, in the market, faster is what most companies need. If I can’t respond to what’s happening out there, my competition might.” – Stu Miniman 

[14:00] “First of all, there is no ‘the cloud.’” – Stu Miniman 

[20:32] “If I go back four or five years ago, private cloud and all the service providers looked at the big public cloud as ‘the enemy.’” – Stu Miniman 

[27:07] “We’ve got to go back to the basics, talking about the application.” –Gina Rosenthal

[33:47] “Things are still complex in the cloud and you still have to deal with that complexity.” – Brian Knudtson

“The digital transformation that we’ve marketed to people for years is finally here.”


Episode Asset

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