Episode Summary

iland Cloud Technologist Brian Knudtson is joined by guests Jack Bailey and Joe Houghes for a conversation about how visibility and accessibility improve the experience of the cloud. They talk transparency, trust, leaky buckets, and knowing what you’re paying for. It is truly a “look before you leap” lesson.


Jack Bailey
Director, Sales & Channel Enablement, iland


Joe Houghes
Solutions Architect, Veeam

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Cloud Conversations

Topic 1

[02:12] Are the advantages for a VMware-based company to move to VMware-based cloud?

Topic 2

[06:31] For many businesses, moving to the cloud really boils down to getting out of the infrastructure business. But just because they don’t manage all those components, does that mean they don’t need transparency into that layer? Are customers still looking to be able to see what goes on behind the curtain?

Topic 3

[12:41] What about transparency into the non-technical aspects of cloud, including billing, availability, usage reporting, security, and data protection?

Cloud Bites

[05:07] “It’s much less critical that you get things right the first time within your on-prem environment.” – Joe Houghes

[06:40] “I think without a doubt I’d say that visibility is part of the decision criteria for a lot of customers moving to the cloud.” – Jack Bailey

[06:54] “Visibility increases trust. it enhances the perception of the cloud.” – Jack Bailey

[08:21] “When customers have better visibility in the cloud, the right people have the right permissions, the right visibility, and with that information they can make decisions, take actions.” – Jack Bailey

[15:00] “What is your model, are you doing a strictly lift-and-shift from on-prem to the cloud or are you divvying up the roles and responsibilities and all the resources.” – Joe Houghes

[16:19] “It’s really a change of mindset when you move to the cloud about the additional visibility you need and the additional care you have around the resources you consume.” – Jack Bailey

[17:22] “Do not try to reconstruct your data center as it exists, in the cloud unless you’re ready to pay that bill.” – Joe Houghes

[18:22] “It’s really important for customers going back to the pre-sales process as well as the consumption part for them to be aware of how they’re going to get billed.” – Jack Bailey

[20:06] “Be very careful about what you’ve spun up assuming ‘oh, it’s not used therefore I’m not billed for it.'” – Joe Houghes

[21:22] “When you move to the cloud it’s also super important to have visibility into the security side.” – Jack Bailey

[21:45] “We often hear about leaky buckets, which is typically the end user’s fault.” – Jack Bailey

“Do not try to reconstruct your data center as it exists, in the cloud unless you’re ready to pay that bill.”


Episode Asset

Whitepaper: How to Find a Cloud That Fits Your VMware Infrastructure

Get the Right Cloud for Your Business

Cloud adoption is on your radar, but you have concerns about the risks and uncertainty involved in making the move.

Companies are presented with more options than ever when choosing which cloud to deploy their workloads. And, with the economic and IT agility benefits, it’s an important choice to make.

Here are a few of the considerations we discuss:

  • Onboarding and support
  • Visibility and ease of management
  • Line items that influence cloud costs
  • Maintaining security and compliance