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The CloudBytes Podcast is focused on bringing together opinionated cloud customers, providers, and analysts to discuss topics related to how clouds are built, marketed, and consumed. Customer needs in the cloud are varied. The opinions will be strong. Agreement will not always be achieved. The end result should provide good sound bites about how to manage your bytes in the cloud. And sometimes where the cloud bites.

The CloudBytes Podcast releases episodes in a season format, where every season has a common theme. Season 1 has episodes based around core attributes that define cloud platforms, such as Resiliency, Flexibility, Security, and Capability. Episodes are released weekly on our feed, but are also released in season blocks on this website if you prefer to binge listen. Choose the approach that works best for you!

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Meet your host.

Brian Knudtson is bringing his very diverse perspectives of the IT industry to The CloudBytes Podcast. Having worked as a customer, value-added reseller, vendor, and service provider, including roles in web development, system administration, post-sales deployment, pre-sales architecting, public cloud design, and technical marketing, Brian has seen it all. Currently, Brian is Director of Cloud Market Intelligence at iland and host of The CloudBytes Podcast. He has been a long time member of the VMware community, including putting on VMunderground every year at VMworld.

You can find Brian online occasionally blogging at http://knudt.net/, http://vmunderground.com, and https://iland.com/innovation-blog/, and tweeting at @bknudtson.

About iland

iland, an 11:11 Systems company, is a global cloud service provider of secure and compliant hosting for infrastructure (IaaS), disaster recovery (DRaaS), and backup as a service (BaaS). They are recognized by industry analysts as a leader in disaster recovery. The award-winning iland Secure Cloud Console natively combines deep layered security, predictive analytics, and compliance to deliver unmatched visibility and ease of management for all of iland’s cloud services. Headquartered in Houston, Texas and London, UK, iland delivers cloud services from its data centers throughout the Americas, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Learn more at iland.com.